Subscriptions and Billing

Placing an Order

Orders can be placed online at Scholastic Magazines+. For mail orders, print this PDF order form, enclose with a check, and send to the designated address.

For Canadian orders, please call 1-888-752-4690 or email [email protected]. For all other international ordering information, please call 1-573-632-1687.


For help with funding your subscription, visit our Scholastic Magazines+ funding page or call 1-800-387-1437.

Shipping and Sales Tax

Your magazines are shrink-wrapped and shipped in bundles.

If you haven't received all of your magazines, first check the magazine publication schedule in your Teacher’s Guide to determine when to expect the issues. Check with other members of your school’s staff, someone may be holding your copies. Contact your local post office to see if there has been a delivery problem or delay. If you still haven't found or received your magazines, please notify us at 1-800-631-1586, so we can ensure you get them.

Shipping and handling cost 10% of the total price of student copies. For books, shipping and handling cost 9% of the total price of your book order. Scholastic Magazines must charge sales tax for orders from states where it is required by law, unless proof of sales tax exemption is provided with your order. If you have a sales tax exemption certificate, it can be faxed to 1-800-560-6815 or mailed to:

Scholastic Inc.
2931 E. McCarty Street
Jefferson City, MO

Adjusting a Subscription

To adjust your subscription, please use this form or call 1-800-631-1586 between 7AM and 6PM Central Time.

Issues with your Purchase?

We stand behind every magazine and book we publish, and give you a Scholastic guarantee: Take up to 30 days to evaluate the magazine you ordered. If you are not completely satisfied, simply call us at 1-800-631-1586, or write “cancel” on your invoice and owe nothing.

Canceling a Subscription

Is there something we can help you with before you decide to cancel? If so, please contact us.

Otherwise, you can write “cancel” on your invoice, call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527), or email us and provide your account number, name, and full shipping address. You will be charged for any issues mailed after the 30-day free-trial period.

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