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As your partner in science education, Science World is here to help you make learning joyful—no matter where it takes place. Science World is an easy-to-use resource whether students are at school, at home, or a mix of the two. We’ve consolidated all the information you need for multiple teaching modalities, so you have all the resources you need in one place. 


Your Science World Editors,
Patricia Janes, Lauren Morse, Jennifer Barone, Cody Crane, Andrew Klein, and Jessica Romeo

Getting Set Up

Here are some resources to help you and your students get set up for remote learning

Stories & Activities for Remote Learning

Every Science World article and teaching tool can be used for remote learning. But here are some of our favorite resources to get you started. 

Articles for Independent Learning

These articles cover foundational skills and offer a suite of teaching materials—videos, games, skills sheets—for a ready-made lesson!

Engaging Activities Students Can Do Anywhere

Our activities can be shared as PDFs or Google Slides to boost remote-learning opportunities. Here are some of our favorites!

Tools to Foster a Classroom Community

Use these tips and skills sheets to build a respectful, engaged remote learning community with your students.

Quick Tips Video Tutorials

Watch these short videos to learn more about Science World Digital.

Family Letters Help You Partner With Parents for Learning

Share this letter with each issue. It’s packed with great ideas for how families can support their kids using Science World. Click here to see the special letter for remote learning.

More Treats for You and Your Kids!

Empower your students to document their experiences, using our special My History Project kit.


Learn how to equip your virtual classroom this year with Scholastic Classroom Magazines.

Share ideas, ask for help, and make connections with your Science World colleagues across the country.